Nurse Navigation

The Nurse Navigation Program gets 911 callers to the right level of care, which may or may not include transportation to a hospital emergency department.

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Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared for an emergency is the best way to keep you and your family safe. SNO911 provides resources to make sure you can quickly connect with help when you need it. Set up a SMART911 profile, sign up for Snohomish County Alerts and view resources for making a family emergency plan.


Smart911 is a safety platform that allows individuals to create a safety profile for their household, providing emergency responders with critical information in the event of an emergency call. This information includes details such as medical conditions, allergies, and emergency contacts, as well as the location of the call.

By having access to this information, emergency responders are able to respond more effectively and efficiently, leading to faster and more accurate emergency response times.

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Family Emergency Plan

Having a plan in place can help you and your family act quickly in case of an emergency or natural disaster. has a variety of resources to help you make plans for shelter, communication and more.

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Affiliation Resources


Pre-Employment Testing

Partnering with, a testing platform for potential 911 dispatchers, Snohomish County 911 aims to evaluate candidates’ abilities to handle emergency situations. This web-based testing service evaluates candidates’ ability through various tests, including data entry, prioritization and multitasking. is used by many government agencies and emergency services organizations in the United States and Canada.

Nena the 9-1-1 Association

NENA The 9-1-1 Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the development and implementation of enhanced 9-1-1 systems across the United States and Canada. The organization works to advance the emergency communications industry through advocacy, education, research, standards development and collaboration with public safety organizations and industry partners.

Access information, learn about programs, and find out about events and membership at the NENA website,