Who We Are

We are a consolidated emergency communications center providing 9-1-1, emergency communications and technology services to all of Snohomish County. The professionals at SNO911 are here to serve and overwatch our community and first responders 24x7x365.
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A Responder's Lifeline

Public Record and Emergency Resources

Sno911 By the Numbers

Avg. Calls a Day
Our dispatchers respond to up to 2,200 calls each day, sending help and support to citizens with different types of emergencies across Snohomish County.
Avg. Call Response Time
Responding quickly is our top priority and 96.1% of all calls are answered within 20 seconds. We aim to keep our average above the national standard of 95%.
Partner Agencies
Our 911 center is Washington State’s largest 911 center by call volume, area and population served. We dispatch calls to 43 fire, police and EMS agencies.
Public Record Requests
In 2023, we received 9,093 public records requests, providing citizens with a range of documents maintained by public agencies.

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